Our Engagement Methodology and Influencer Marketing will teach you how to be HUMAN online again without ever selling.

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Learn how to add thousands of followers and generate millions of views on content. We've leveraged this strategy to personally attract new coaching clients, students in masterclasses, book sales, job and investment offers, and more!.

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StandOut Authority helps you reach the 90% of buyers that can't be accessed through traditional outreach. We assess your brand, unique value proposition and create marketing strategies that help you influence and stand out on LinkedIn. We'll identify and connect you with your target audience so you have a strong pipeline of potential clients and customers.

Meet Joshua B. Lee

Known as The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn, Joshua B. Lee is an entrepreneur, business owner, author, coach, marketeer, husband and father. 

In 2003, he built his career in online marketing with clients such as MySpace and Google managing over $100 million in advertising spend and controlling over 35 Trillion online impressions.

He has built 16 companies from online marketing to coaching to web design and more, but is most passionate about human connections. His current venture, StandOut Authority, is about humanizing your professional and company brand on LinkedIn through authentic and inspirational engagement.

He believes there is no B2B or B2C, only H2H, human to human connections. 

As a father of two and published author of Balance is Bullsh*t, he believes there is no work-life balance but an integrated life based on vision, relationships, health and business.


StandOut Authority helps you connect with the 90% of customers you can't access with traditional outreach. Clients have seen over 15,000 Organic Clicks to their websites, have added over 5,000 New Connections, and grew their LinkedIn SSI by 200%.  

If you want NEW speaking opportunities, new customers and better relationships, we can help you achieve it! 

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StandOut Authority

What Clients are saying...

"Joshua's insight and strategy around using LinkedIn is one of the best I have seen. He helped achieve all of our LinkedIn goals at Strategic Coach. Highly recommend "

- Dan Sullivan - Founder and President at Strategic Coach

"Josh and his team implemented what I call a 3 point LinkedIn strategy that resulted in not only engaged prospects but actual conversions to paying clients. I highly recommend Josh without reservation."

- Michael Rozbruch- Founder of Roz Strategies

"Josh is amazing to work with. He guided me in developing my signature program and continues to help me with my LinkedIn strategy. He's super knowledgeable, high intuitive, authentic and get it. If you are thinking of working with Josh, do not hesitate!"

- Amy Matthews- Woman UnRuled, High Performance Consultant and Executive Champion

StandOut Authority

Balance is Bullsh*t

Are you ready to be challenged to move past balance and live a truly integrated life? This book will help you:

  • Find your Vision through a step by step guided process 
  • Develop prosperity of health through meditation, exercise and diet 
  • Foster relationships to greater heights 
  • Fuel Outrageous Business Growth.

Remember, this life is yours to live. You can either live it fractured and in fear of the unknown.  Or you can take advantage of this moment and this life in, one fluid journey, pushing you beyond your own limiting beliefs.